High school student, Britnee Rothermund, launches a promising health care career at Midtowne Meadows Health & Rehab

Published: February 27, 2024

Entering health care is often characterized by a divine calling and Britnee has had a similar experience. Helping her father after his knee surgery inspired a passion to care for others. But for Britnee it is just as important to her that the patient knows that she truly cares.

Today, the Midlothian High School student is well on her way to fulfilling her calling and her passion through her job as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Midtowne Meadows Health & Rehab. Getting there wasn’t easy but this intelligent and determined young person is focused on the path ahead.

The Certified Nursing Assistant program through Midlothian ISD offered her a great step to launch her career.

The CHA program offered through Midlothian High School’s Practicum in Health Science allows students to pursue several health care professions. During this time, they can also complete training to obtain a CNA, EMT and/or Phlebotomy license.

Balancing her high school courses and CNA program was extremely challenging! On top of her regular academic load, she performed rotations at Midtowne Meadows Health & Rehab and other facilities. This included an 8-hour shift on Saturdays to complete all the course requirements! Time management was key!

Upon completion of her CNA certification, she immediately began exploring job opportunities. Having experienced her commitment during training, Midtowne Meadows knew Britnee fit their core values and was excited to bring her on board.

Making people feel good and seeing smiles on their faces makes the hard work enjoyable and fulfilling.

Having a heart for her patients, Britnee takes the time to learn their stories. Spending that time and making them happy is what she enjoys the most about her role.

She feels the same about working with staff at Midtowne Meadows Health and Rehab. She found everyone to be so welcoming! She was equally impressed by how they interacted with their residents and their efforts to make the facility feel like home.

The clinical program provided the knowledge she needed but there is so much more she is learning!

The job is so different from what she thought! There is much more to the CNA role than just helping the nurses and residents. While she has basic job responsibilities, she has also learned that relationships are so important. Personalities vary greatly, and getting to know a patient one-on-one and what they like, or dislike has an immediate impact.

Britnee is not done yet!

“I am so incredibly proud of Britnee” says Megan Lynch, Midlothian High School CNA, EMT & Phlebotomy Program Instructor. “She is thoughtful, caring and has never met a stranger. She would do anything to ease the pain of others and lend a shoulder to cry on. Britnee is an absolute joy to teach because she is always engaged, ready to learn and takes every opportunity to better her future. By going and obtaining employment as a CNA while still in high school is truly a testament to her hard work and dedication.”

Britnee’s future plans lean towards a career in pediatric nursing, but she is trusting that God will steer her to the right school and path. For now, she is planning to combine nursing with a minor in Business Administration adding a Masters in Nursing later.

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