Nice Words, Kind People


After fracturing her left femur at age 91, Margaret Krause came to us with pain in her leg, requiring extensive assistance with activities of daily living and mobility. She’s now a happy ‘graduate’ of a personalized rehab program that has allowed her to return home to live independently and with increased safety awareness! Congratulations, Margaret – and thank you to your therapy team for working with Margaret to achieve her goals.


Ms. Margaret Krause

Mr. Donald Russo recently ‘graduated’ from a personalized rehab program following spinal surgery, able to live independently and return to his regular daily activities! Donald has osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease, and was in such pain he spent two months bed-bound. It’s great to know Donald has now regained his mobility – and without the use of an assistive device!


Mr. Donald Russo

Ms. Frieda Pizer has returned home after achieving her rehab goals! She came to us following surgery from a fall that resulted in a fracture. Our team provided concentrated orthopedic rehab 7 days a week for up to three hours a day, until Ms. Pizer was able to return to her usual activities. She is back home living independently with a rolling walker, just as she did before the fall. Congratulations, Ms. Pizer!


Ms. Frieda Pizer

Joyce was recently discharged back home – independent and able to return to her daily activities! She came to Highland Meadows following hospitalization for a fall. She experienced a stroke while in the hospital as well. Our team provided concentrated and aggressive therapy, allowing her to return to doing the things she was accustomed to doing before the fall. Joyce even stops by from time to time to visit our staff and patients! Congratulations on your rehab success, Ms. Lawrence!


Ms. Joyce Lawrence

We are so excited to announce that Ms. Elva Samples successfully ‘graduated’ from Highland Meadows with a Certificate of Excellence following an aggressive program of physical, occupational, and speech therapies that began last November. Ms. Samples participated in therapy for up to three hours daily to combat an infection of her internal joint prosthesis, deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and COVID-19. When she was admitted she was unable to ambulate, but upon discharge, she is now able to walk without assistance and complete all activities independently. Her hard work and determination is matched only by the skill and dedication of our staff, who helped her achieve full recovery! “The doctors, and the people here are so sweet…I can’t tell you what this place means to me,” Ms. Samples said through happy tears. “I was here once before when I fell, and I’ve never had a place like this. I told everybody it’s not just the place; it’s the people that make the place. I love all of you.”


Ms. Elva Samples

At 91, Janet Easton came to us following multiple rib fractures, pneumonia, and acute respiratory failure. Look at her now! She recently ‘graduated’ from a personalized rehab program that has allowed her to return home, able to live independently and perform her regular daily activities – with no assistive devices!


Ms. Janet Easton