Sylvan & Barbara Beasley: A sweet love story

Published: April 4, 2024

Their story began 63 years ago. Now married 62 years, Sylvan and Barbara Beasley are a sweet love story!

Sylvan and Barbara live at Midtowne Meadows Health & Rehab in Midlothian. But when they first married on August 18, 1961, Sylvan was serving in the Army. They spent 2 years apart only seeing each other on a few leaves. During that time, Barbara lived with her parents and worked in downtown Dallas.

They both agree that their “best day” was the day Sylvan was discharged from the Army – December 1963! Although Sylvan says that their first kiss was a close second!

Like many young couples with children, their lives were very busy raising their family right here in the area. However, having a disabled daughter (now deceased) brought extra challenges, many times having to divide up time and duties.

Today, they are very happy spending time together at Midtowne Meadows, where there are “so many activities and everyone is so nice”. While they miss their home, they say that living at MIdtowne Meadows has been good for them.

Asked what they would tell other young couples, they say marriage is not easy and you should expect to give a lot on your part.  But perhaps trying to stay friends throughout all of the challenges will help you see 62 years of happy marriage too!

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