Bringing Activities to Life at Midtowne Meadows

Published: April 16, 2024

Suzanne Bullard seeks to keep patients and residents busy with purpose.

Four years ago, Suzanne Bullard decided to make a change. After 22 years as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Suzanne felt a call to step into the Activities side of nursing care.

That change has proven to be a huge blessing to the residents and patients of MIdtowne Meadows Health & Rehab.

For Suzanne, it is her calling and much more than just keeping people busy.

Once Midtowne Meadows opened in June 2023, new residents, family members, and staff immediately noticed Suzanne’s commitment to her role.

Aware that they cannot get out in the community as much as they may want, Suzanne works to bring as much of the community to Midtowne Meadows. The residents and patients have regular visits from churches, musicians, school groups, and special interest groups. On top of that, they also have regularly scheduled games, activities, and birthday celebrations.

The challenge can be in finding something that everyone wants to do!

“I am always on the search for that one thing” she says.

She is also continually searching for ways to incorporate someone’s prior hobbies and interests. One resident had a fondness for woodworking, so she asked him to build raised garden beds much to his delight and a happy surprise for the gardening fans amongst them. It is this kind of thinking that endears her to the residents and their families.

Suzanne creates a calendar each month with seasonal activities from holiday celebrations to hosting gardening activities to more creative projects. She says, “There have been a lot of changes in what people like to do.  In the past, there were more who liked to sew or crochet, now I see a lot more creative types that enjoy painting and crafts.”

While she says keeping them busy is important, she also looks for purpose in the activities.

Each week there are any number of opportunities to engage people in conversation, be active, and learn something new. Music also plays a large role because of the positive effect on memory, stress, and even sleep!

Today, Suzanne continues to learn and explore other avenues that might help her beloved residents and patients. She is currently pursuing an Alzheimer’s and Dementia Certification too! The months of classwork means extra hours in her already full calendar but she is excited about the benefits this knowledge can bring to Midtowne Meadows.

While she already incorporates some of what she has learned, tips and ways to help energize the mind and memory, she sees the opportunity to host Alzheimer’s groups and special activities for them.

Down the road, Suzanne may pursue additional training and specialization in Recreational Therapy. However, she is quick to say that she wants to stay in long term care because she loves being with her residents! She loves bringing a smile to their face and seeing them enjoy life.

Without question, Suzanne’s love for her residents and patients shows through every activity and moment she spends with them.

After all, as Suzanne says, “I am in it for them”.

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